Valet Parking in South Africa

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Valet parking is very big in the USA, England and Europe, it is offered at casinos, hotels, harbors, airports and even shopping malls.

In South Africa, the valet parking concept is quite unknown and it is basically only found at our international airports, such as Cape Town International, OR Tambo and King Shaka International.

The fact that it is not very popular in South Africa also makes us nervous about using the service. One of the main reasons is the ‘unknown’ fact, and how can you just give your car to stranger to park for you?

Basically what valet parking is, is you making a booking with the valet parking company of your choice and then on that day, and at the agreed upon time, you drive your vehicle to the point where you are departing from.

At the point of collection, the valet parking company will take your vehicle and park it in a safe place, this will usually be the company’s own secure facility with 24-hour security. Your vehicle is then returned to you at the agreed upon time and place.

Valet parking offers you a hassle free parking alternative. Gone are the days where you have to remember where you parked your car or what you did with your parking ticket.

Generally, valet parking companies offer a few different parking packages that you can choose from, you will be able to find one that suits your needs for that day or week, for example under cover parking in a locked up garage, shaded parking, discount for referrals, pensioner parking rates, long term parking contracts, account facilities and more.

With valet parking, you will have a much more convenient parking solution, a solution that is generally more cost effective than parking your car at an airport and it is also much safer than parking in a public garage or parking area.

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